Hi all!

My name is Fred and I am the co-author of this blog.

Most of you already know me, but for those who don’t, here’s a short introduction about me. Find here the answers to questions that show the best of my personality .

How many times have you visited Eurodisney?

Twice, one more than a private beach

What object would you take with you on a desert island?

A kite, of course!

Have you ever tried to suck your elbow?

Now yes 😉

What is the answer to the riddle of the universe?

Something related to Higgs boson

Sundays are for …

Going to the mountain

What song makes you getting chicken skin?

Anyone from Groundation

How old were you when your first tooth drop?

I can’t remember

Can you do a handstand?

In the water yes and in the air I’m trying

My measurements are …


How is your umbrella?

I don’t have one

Would you wear a boy in pink and a girl in blue?

Poor kids…

Who chooses your haircut? Your hairdresser or you?

Christophe, my hairdresser

What is your boyfriend/girlfriend most repeated phrase?

Do as you want

What is the best or the worst nickname you have ever had?

Fredouchy de las vegas

The last thing you ate is …

An apricot

Have you ever bought two shoes for the same foot?

Nop, but my mother did once and she was telling me off because I was complaining about the pain

Can you whistle?

That is one of the main problems of my life

When you get a picture with  Mickey Mouse, do you think the man inside the costume is smiling?

Of course not. His work is shit !

10 +10 =?


What is the phrase you use the most in a language different from your mother tongue?

Te lo dije (I have already told you !)

The word you always misspell when typing in your keyboard?


If you were Miss, what would you say in your speech?

Surprise ! I’m not a woman !

1,2,3 …

Un pasito delante Maria


And this is enough. Ciao!



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